How to Choose the Right Catering Vendor for Your Wedding

05 04 2024

During event planning, event professionals and the client have to consider the food and beverages factor carefully. This is the case for weddings as well.

Generally, the couple would invite many guests to their wedding, and spend their budget on multiple aspects, like decor and entertainment. Satisfying the visitors would determine the success of the event, and food is a big part of that. Here, event planners help the couple get in touch with multiple catering vendors.

However, different vendors provide varying types of cuisine, quality, items, and extra services. So, how do you know which catering vendor would provide the best service for your wedding? In this article, you would learn about the factors to focus on for selecting a reliable catering vendor.


It is important to consider the overall budget for the wedding to select a suitable caterer. Also, during the planning period, review how many guests would come for the event approximately. Thereafter, choose a caterer that meets your requirements and the pre-set price range.

Some caterers provide both buffet-style offers and per-plate options, or one of them. Both meal plans have different estimated pricing. So, consider that as well.

Dining Style

For weddings, there are different dining styles available; these include sit-down dinners, buffets, tasting menus, cocktail hour, and butler service. Clients can choose between them for one option or more than one. Here, checking which dining style a caterer specializes in is necessary to choose the vendor.

Server Counts

Wedding planners can choose catering vendors who focus on only the food production and a separate vendor for the catering staff. But this would increase the cost for the food and beverages service.

So, what step should you take? Indeed, for the best outcome, consider vendors who sent their staff members who would handle the serving tasks. Also, count the ratio of guests to servers depending on the buffet or seated dinner service.

Usually, one server is suitable for 8-10 guests.

Search Early

During the planning period, researching the catering vendors available for the wedding date is important. You must book the caterer ahead of time; some vendors allow booking years or months in advance. This is necessary to ensure that you get priority-based service.

Consider The Reviews

Couples read through the reviews of the vendors when they are organizing the wedding on their own. Similarly, wedding planners often focus on user-generated content like reviews to verify new vendors. Past customers of the business write this content so most potential clients trust them for their selection.

Check References

The vendors would mention at least 2-3 references to the clients for further verification. Here, your responsibility is to check the references in time and hire the vendor after considering what answers you get. Also, check references for more than one catering vendor to compare and narrow down your main choice.


After setting an appointment, you should verify the quality, presentation, and taste of the food. For this, scheduling a tasting with the catering vendors is essential. Thus, you should organize tasting meetings with your top three choices and finalize the one that most guests would prefer.


Indeed, food and beverages are an important part of wedding planning, and selecting a good caterer is important. For the right choice, evaluate the many options available, test their food, and book the service early.


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