How to Market Virtual Events Effectively?

27 12 2020

These days, the virtual world is expanding gradually, and every brand is looking to target the maximum audience. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has drastically changed the way we connect in present times.

A significant audience and less budget are great for the business, right!

However, that doesn’t mean that every virtual event will drive the same results and be equally engaging as we think it needs to be. Plus, we need to be strategic to increase the engagement level while hosting a virtual event and accomplish the event goals.

Here, in this blog, we've covered the best tips that help market a virtual event in all possible ways. Let's get started!

Create an Eye-Catching Virtual Event Page

An event page is the first place where your audience first comes to take a glance at your virtual event. So, it would help if you create the most compelling event page to grab the visitors' attention.

You can find some advanced tools to create unique demographics and engaging clips, with optimized pictures to display on the main event page. Add relevant information in a catchy way that conveys your marketing message effectively to the audience.

Choose the Right Platform

The unique thing that we need to pay attention to is the platform where we will promote the event venue. Whether your event is big or small, online, or offline, choosing the right platform makes sense in conducting a successful live event.

As a beginner, you have many virtual events hosting platforms such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Instagram Live, Skype and Hangouts. These platforms fit in your budget incredibly and also offer a massive audience to target in one place. You can display promotional messages over social media platforms to increase the traffic and allow you to have a successful virtual event.

Select the Right Time

Once you have selected the right virtual platforms, it's time to pick the right time and date for the virtual event promotions; picking up the right time and event is equally important regardless of the platform.

So, before you proceed to send "save the event date" to your audience, be a little selective while choosing the right time and date. Make sure that there will be no clash of time and date between you and your competitors.

Because it will divert the audience and divide them between choosing either one platform from both of them, and eventually, you will face a drop-down in traffic. Besides that, also pay special attention to time zones if you will host a global event.

Do a little research of time and check out when you can have a maximum audience and the time when the audience can interact with you and enjoy your event.

Promote the Event Virtually

Building the event, and the people will come merely a myth. However, promoting it, and assuming the audience will come, is a truth. Whatever your event is, make sure that you will promote your event at the right platform and format so that the audience can feel engaged with your event and come straight to attend your virtual event.

As we all know that, in today's virtual world, the audience keeps on scrolling social media platforms regularly. Hence, all we need to do is leverage these platforms to create impressive ads and pull the audience's attention.

Don’t forget the hashtag culture because this will help to promote your virtual event even more strategically.

Join the Hands of the Sponsors to Spread the Virtual Event Promotional Messages.

Joining the hands of the sponsors and ticketing partners helps to market your virtual event exponentially. Don't be shy to ask for the sponsorship directly to your sponsor. This helps to reduce the burden over you and help improve the followers and contacts.

No matter whether you are going to organize a corporate event or any other set-up, you can achieve the sponsorship to market and promote your virtual event. Sponsorship will help both the event holder and the stakeholders and help to maximize their sales and revenues.

Bottom Line

Virtual events are common these days. It doesn’t matter whether you want to promote the event venues or any other virtual event; marketing the virtual events with these strategies will boost the visibility and achieve a maximum number of audiences. This will further help promote the virtual event and achieve the maximum audience for your event to make it successful.


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