Is Event Live Streaming A Good Idea?

16 02 2021

The use of technology has revitalized many businesses and helped them grow their earnings and brand popularity. Advanced features like live streaming have allowed entrepreneurs to expand their customer base and engage with them quickly. Indeed, people from anywhere around the world can tune in for live events, enhancing customer interest.

In this concern, using a professional live-streaming platform would make the process of organizing live events easier for you. However, you can live stream about your products or host a live session through social media platforms as well. Either way, there are many reasons why you should give this technique a chance for higher brand advertisement and customer engagement. Some of them are mentioned below.

Focus On The Inactive Members

One of the benefits of live streaming events is that you can engage with your dormant members. Indeed, while your business may have many 'followers' and 'subscribers’ on online platforms, not everyone would physically attend the events. Things like distance, time, and ticket costs are common reasons. However, when you live-stream the event, those who cannot participate in physical events can still tune indirectly from their homes. Thus, this is a useful tool for improving customer engagement.

Future Attendance Is Possible

Many people choose not to go to real-life events because they are unsure if it would interest them. Live streaming gives them a preview of what to expect from the events. After that, those who do not attend the events voluntarily may re-consider attending the event the next year.

Bigger Reach

Events are an exciting manner of bringing people together and growing your customer base in a fun way. However, as mentioned before, not many people can attend the event. Here, live streaming the event would allow you to reach those individuals.

Indeed, those who do not live in the same geographical location can attend the live event without issues. Plus, live streaming allows global audiences to attend; some can be new audiences curious about the event. Later, if they get interested, they can turn into your loyal customers; thus, increasing your customer base.

Flexibility In Content Features

When you live-stream your event, you have to add the live video and audio formats in the live broadcast. Many live streaming platforms allow additional features you can include to make the digital event more exciting. These include multimedia, texts, pictures, and even live chat. Plus, the video types have variety, and you can opt for your preferred presentation mode. Indeed, this variety of content attracts more viewers to the virtual event.

Customer Support

In case you are using a live streaming service to host your event online, you would get the added benefit of dedicated support staff. They are available 24/7 and are well-trained to handle many technical issues at a moment's notice. This is highly useful for those who are entirely new to live to stream.

As for your customers, you can use live streaming to organize events discussing the issues they are experiencing. This can be an integration of product-related problems and a short educational session. Here, they can engage in discussion with you using the live chat feature.

Easy To Use

Many businesses shy away from this format due to confusion about how to utilize it. However, you do not need a considerable amount of technical know-how to organize a live event in reality. Indeed, it is effortless to begin a live stream if you have the correct audio and video equipment, a reliable live streaming platform, an encoder, and an internet connection.

Analytics Tracking

When you are hosting live events through a live streaming service, you can track the viewership numbers and behavior owing to the already-present analytics tracking features. Indeed, a lot of these services include analytics dashboards and tracking tools. Using them, you can note the number of viewers, their behavior, and engagement.

This is a valuable technique to evaluate which events are gaining the most viewers and your main viewer base in Canada and globally. Moreover, you can rely on this information to refine your content and live video format for future use.

Archive Events

One of the main reasons you should give live streaming a try is to increase your income. Indeed, live-streamed events can turn into an additional revenue source. You can do so by charging a fee for an archived event; they can watch it later again when they pay the price.


When you live-stream your event, you are creating a sense of closeness with the viewers, as they watch it in their homes. If you are hosting the event personally, the one viewing it would feel like you are there with them inside the room. This creates a sense of exclusivity and intimacy between you and your customers, better than it would be if they attend the event physically.


Overall, live streaming events is a good idea for increasing customer interaction, reaching new audiences, and improving profit. Sos, this is a useful method to enhance their brand names for businesses and individual content creators.


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