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7 DIY Decor Ideas For Intimate Home Functions

21 12 2020

By Kirti Khanna

Kirti Khanna is Toronto based event marketing strategist and writer who watches event trends across the globe closely. She loves to research and is passionate to share her thoughts with the world in innovative ways!

Are you planning a small gathering at home? Living as we are in COVID times, micro weddings and celebrations are the accepted norm.

Celebratory parties, engagements, small home weddings, or casual get-togethers, you could host them at home. The warmth and coziness that an intimate home function can extend are not matched by the glitzy, lavish but impersonal functions at other venues.

You may want to jazz up the house a bit; work on the décor without breaking an arm and a leg. Let us explore simple Do-It-Yourself tips for home décor for intimate gatherings. Unleash your creative ideas and enlist help from your friends and family.

DIY décor ideas for small home functions

Flowers all the way

You can never go wrong with flowers. Choose the flowers that are in season in Alberta. You can go in for peonies, geraniums, poppies, roses, hydrangeas, or foxgloves.

Choose colors that are in line with the rest of the décor. Set the tone of the décor with the front door. Usher your guests with flowers at the door; hung as a wreath on the door or strung and hung on the side.

Go Personal

When your guest list is limited, personalize the event décor. Use personalized tags for seating, dinner plates, and take away gifts.

Tags can be an ideal DIY project. Simple or elegant or quirky – choose your style! You can personalize the table coasters with pictures of your guests. Set up a DIY photo booth for guests to take pictures as keepsakes. Incorporate it with the party theme.

Waste to Use

With ingenuity, you can put the empty bottles, vases, and bowls to good use for your intimate gathering décor. Combine them with lights or wrap them in colorful paper or cloth.

Set them out on tables. Use them to keep scented lamps. Use bird cages, trays, colored pebbles, glasses, and assorted fabric to enliven the décor.

Light it up

Nothing adds a festive or celebratory touch like candles and lights. Plan the venue décor lighting keeping in mind clever use of string lights and votive candles.

Use floating candles in water bowls. Let the lights set the stage for an intimate gathering. String lights could be curled into glass bottles and placed as centerpieces.

Go natural

It’s trendy and responsible to go earthy and natural, be it with the décor and table settings to the food and takeaways. You can choose handmade products as party favors. Wrap them in cloth drawstring bags. Use fresh flowers or herbs as table décor.

With their heady fragrance, your party area will be awash with a dreamy aroma. You can opt for green centerpieces of seasonal plants or succulents. Use solar lights in mason jars.

Themed décor

You can opt for a theme to base your DIY décor on. Be it Fall colors of Calgary or rustic chic, country décor or vintage, plan the décor around the theme. You can weave a riot of color with the clever use of simple materials.

Use rustic bowls and barrels with flowers. Cleverly placed mirrors can add an element of space. The russet colors of maple leaves can be juxtaposed with fresh flowers of the season in small bowls on each table. Craft theme is all about crochet placemats, embroidered table settings, knitted throws, and hand-painted cards.


The seating is an important aspect that sets the tone for a gathering. If it’s a casual décor, you can use a combination of chairs and sofas. Low seating is an option, but keep your guests’ comfort in mind. Older guests might not find it comfortable. Simple chairs can be decorated with colorful throws pinned at the back with a themed brooch. If there are kids, ensure that the décor is safe for them to be around.

Final Thoughts

Browse around the stores in Edmonton or Calgary and look for innovative ideas that you can use. While decorating the venue yourself, you put the stamp of a personal touch on it. After all, small gatherings are all about the laughter of good friends, celebrating happy moments, and delicious food and drinks. It is the happy moments that we cherish in our hearts always!


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