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Guide To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

19 05 2021

By Kirti Khanna

Kirti Khanna is Toronto based event marketing strategist and writer who watches event trends across the globe closely. She loves to research and is passionate to share her thoughts with the world in innovative ways!

Picture this: you are at the altar and you are just about to exchange rings with your beloved. This wedding band is a mark of your commitment to each other and would forever symbolize your bond. So, it is only fair to select a stunning ring for you and your partner that you both agree on.

But, how do you know which type of ring would suit you best? What about quality? Not to mention, how do you measure your ring size in the first place?

If you have no prior experience with buying a ring, such questions would surely come to your mind. Luckily, with the right guidance, you can choose the most suitable and flattering ring for your nuptials.

In this article, you would get an overview of important wedding ring-related points to ponder.

  1. Make a plan

Before beginning the ring search or custom ring designing steps, you should plan out the process of getting that ring. Estimate the time it would take to process and produce the ring, choose a ring, and deal with the sizing concerns.

For the best-case scenario, start the wedding ring search and production process at least 6 months ahead of time. This way, you would get the ring on time and have enough duration left to make any changes if necessary.

  1. List out your requirement

Indeed, consider the chief deciding factors, from what you require to what you prefer. Is a classy look more suitable for you in comparison to a softer and simple ring? Do you want one solid diamond atop the ring or have tiny little stones studded in a line?

Furthermore, contemplate the color preferences- the traditional silver or gold, or something different, like black or rose gold. Moreover, list out the style of ring you like, the metal you prefer, and the stone type. You also have the option of lab-grown diamonds and custom rings.

Typically, the jewelers would offer ring fitting services as well before beginning the ring-making process.

  1. Choose contrasting options

There is no set rule that both partners have to buy the same type of wedding ring. Instead, you both can choose contrasting choices. For many couples, the ring style or color does not matter. Like them, you can choose a design that both of you like and not share the same ring type. Or, you can personalize your ring style to highlight one element of your choices individually.

  1. Get inspiration from your engagement rings

Before choosing the style of your wedding ring, you can consider your engagement rings first. If you are planning on wearing your wedding ring and engagement ring together, make sure they complement each other. Contrasting styles or colors can look jarring.

Also, if your engagement ring is very eye-catching, choose your wedding band in a simpler style. If you prefer, you can buy from a jeweler, either in a set or a customized design on request.

  1. Plan the budget

The budget is very important to consider. Not only do you have to consider the cost of important venue items, but also other considerations like dresses and food. Plus, if you are throwing an extravagant wedding like a destination event, you have to consider those expenses as well.

While buying your wedding, do not splurge a lot. Adding valuable stones like diamonds and extra embellishments like engravings cost higher. To note, for engraved rings, the price depends on if it is made by hand if it has many characters and the complexity of the font style.

Indeed, customizing a wedding ring can go up in price if you do not monitor the expenses carefully. Keep in mind that you should within 3% of your overall wedding budget for the ring shopping. Thereafter, make your choice.

  1. Focus on your lifestyle

Before choosing a wedding ring, you should also consider your lifestyle. After all, you would wear the wedding ring at all times. So, let’s say, if you have a hands-on type of job like painting, typing, or pottery-making, an extravagant ring would not suit you.

Also, what about if you have to deal with regular cooking or baking activities? Do you enjoy adventure and fitness-related things a lot and do them almost regularly?

Keeping all these points in mind is important while choosing your wedding ring. If you do many household chores regularly, consider where you can keep the ring as well. It is not a good idea to leave an expensive ring just lying around anywhere or keeping them on while doing the work. The ring would lose its original beauty.

  1. Maintenance

On that note, also consider how much maintenance the different ring types need to choose one that you can handle. For example, if you have a ring that has stones fitted into it, you have to wash it frequently with warm foamy water. Later, you can to lightly dab on it to remove the water without opening the stone.

Select one that you can maintain daily; rings do require constant upkeep.


Indeed, you should properly check the options you have, from stores, budget, and lifestyle. Also, think about what you and your partner need. Combining these two factors, you can make the right wedding ring decision.


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