How to Host a Corporate Event With COVID-19 Restrictions?

24 12 2020

With the threats of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, more and more people are canceling events that they had planned months or years ago. However, some are also hosting events while adhering to the guidelines provided by distinct provincial health and safety authorities for social gatherings. Since there is no definite solution or vaccine that can contain the spread of the deadly virus, people are slowly accepting the new normalcy of life. Therefore, there is no point in postponing significant celebrations or events because of the uncertainty of the situation.

In this blog, we will explain how you can host an event while implementing the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. We have listed a few corporate event management ideas that will help you plan your corporate party without compromising the health and safety of any attendee or participant.

No-Physical Registrations or Expo!

Most expos and similar events require physical registration under normal circumstances. However, such processes must be refrained from as there are high chances of virus transmission. Therefore, it is better to offer an online registration portal using which people can register to attend your event.

Moreover, an online portal can help in planning the event while keeping all sponsors, clients, attendees, organizers, etc. in the loop without organizing any physical meetings.

Set the Right Expectations!

Create a mindset that your event or the party is one for all. So, charter the expectations of your clients and how you can conduct these events. Also, be sure to schedule when and where to connect with their pinnies if you are not mailing them. One must understand that all of this is new for everybody like it is for you, so it is necessary to set the expectations from the beginning so that nothing gets out of control.

As the organizer, you should keep a brief of the event timings, the guest arriving time, number of guests, and the time when a guest leaves the event venue, even when the event is going on. For better management, you can make a rule of queuing up; this will help maintain social distancing and help avoid overcrowding in case of outdoor events.

Defining the expectations is also helpful in knowing when to wear protective face masks during the events. Above this, it needs to emphasize that everyone follows the schedule and rules set by you.

Limit the Spectators!

Unfortunately, in this pandemic time, we need to encourage the limited spectators rule. Companies should organize online events that will allow more people to participate without actually attending them. It is the most appropriate way of implementing social distancing rule. Yet with limited spectators, we can enjoy the moment nicely.

Do not Forget Protective Gears!

Undoubtedly, it took plenty of time for people to get used to carrying masks and sanitizers whenever and wherever they go. Therefore, one must have an adequate supply of protective gear while hosting an event.

Ensure that every attendee uses the protective gear at all times. Even if your volunteer hasn't arrived with these protective gear, make sure to provide them. So, it is better to have a small stall at the entrance of the event venue where you can put all masks, gloves, and sanitizers for people to use as and when required during the event.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic situation may restrict you in boundaries but never limit you to enjoy the events and parties. By following the COVID-19 guidelines, and using these quick hacks, we can host events successfully and let every participant enjoy at their best. The virtual connection, live streaming, and social distancing will help conduct the events safely and securely. Get help from our experts to know more!


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