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Social Gatherings In 2o21

05 01 2084

By Kirti Khanna

Kirti Khanna is Toronto based event marketing strategist and writer who watches event trends across the globe closely. She loves to research and is passionate to share her thoughts with the world in innovative ways!

The pandemic of COVID-19 has had far-reaching consequences on human lives since the last year. We are in the midst of one of the biggest and longest global crises that has been affecting the world economy, geopolitics, society, and everything drastically. With the vaccination just rolling out in different countries, people are hopeful that the things will get back to normal soon but the risk prevails and so do the COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings.

Let’s look at how things are unfolding in 2021 and whether or not we will be able to get back to celebrating life and its events like we used to.

COVID-19 and Social Restrictions

In 2020, governments across the globe implemented several guidelines and restrictions to contain the outbreak of COVID-19. Lockdowns were imposed in various cities, regions, and countries, thus leading the citizens to stay-at-home. While some companies laid off their employees, some provided remote work facilities. However, there was no way of carrying out daily activities like shopping, worshiping, socializing, and other social gatherings. We tried our best to adapt the new normalcy of life that included home delivery of essential goods, video calls with loved ones, conference calls with office teams, Netflix and chill (sometimes not), celebrating important events virtually.

Government authorities have enforced restraints on traveling, social gatherings, spending time outdoors, and much more. Several restaurants were shut down and public entertainment spots were closed to avoid social gatherings. Essential businesses were allowed to open only with implementation of certain guidelines. Social distancing was enforced to ensure that people remain safe, even when going out for unavoidable activities. Wearing masks in public places has been and continues to be mandatory that reduces the chances of spread.

Gradually, when the cases decreased after the first wave, businesses and restaurants started to re-open. Social events are allowed only if precautionary measures are taken such as guests wearing masks at all times, sanitizing stations, and social distancing. We are hopeful that these restrictions will be lifted, once everybody gets vaccinated.

Restrictions On Social Gatherings In 2021

Since social gatherings consisting of too many people increases the risk of contracting this virus, the authorities have set a limit on the guest numbers. During the holiday season, the government of Canada imposed strict guidelines to ensure a safe holiday season.

In Canada, strict guidelines have been imposed on how to celebrate the holiday season by staying safe and healthy. For organized public events like weddings, dinner parties, reception get-togethers, etc. Hence, Physical distancing is mandatory. The limit is set to -

  • 10 people in the indoor
  • 25 people together on the outdoors

Organized social pubic events are conducted by following distance protocols between the visitors. Especially for business parties, the limit is 50 people indoor and 100 people outdoor.

Cultural events like funerals, birthday get-togethers, and weddings are milestone events that happen in everyone's lives. Hence, they have been advised to avoid them to lessen the risk of contracting the virus.

If any social gatherings are conducted in Canada, following the right guidelines, you also have to keep these points in mind –

  • Do not maintain close contact with people in your surroundings.
  • Always maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from everyone, be it, friends or family.
  • Always wear a face-covering or mask both indoors and outdoors.
  • If any symptoms are visible, avoid visiting such gatherings.
  • Wash your hands with soap thoroughly while coughing or sneezing, and also in regular intervals.
  • Check with the local health centers to know if anyone from the gathering gets the virus or starts showing symptoms. This way, he or she can eventually get tested.

If you are planning to arrange a gathering or wedding party at home with very close people, you must do the following –

  • Determine whether physical distancing is possible within the given space.
  • Ensure that the gathering is limited. Also, utilize outside spaces like the veranda or the backyard.
  • Seating should be arranged in advance, and make sure that the two-meter apart distancing is maintained.
  • An adequate number of sanitizer and sanitizing sprays should be kept on the premises. Washrooms should be limited to use by one guest, after which sanitization is necessary. Cleaning and disinfecting the hard surfaces are a must thing to do. Place the soap and water as per requirement.
  • Avoid the food offered in Buffets or Potlucks.
  • After dinner, cleaning should be done, and follow social distancing guidelines again. When serving the food on the table, the guests need to be separated to avoid crowd formation.

What to Expect?

Public places and restaurants have become careful and safely curated spaces, maintaining strict distancing rules and regulations. While outdoors, everyone has to maintain a 6m distance from each other to avoid the risk of being infected. For the fact, that the struggling health centers got strained from accommodating and treating patients for many months.

Experts say that the term 'social distancing' is one of the most used, especially in 2020. Although this has left several negative implications, especially for the working classes who are vulnerable to more loss, it is bound to serve humanity as a whole.


Social distancing haunts us psychologically. There is no doubt that we have been emotionally affected by this virus. The boundaries that we have set up between each other have also taught our bodies to navigate similarly.

Human emotions got hidden by face masks, plastic gloves, and barriers. Besides, most carriers of this virus are asymptomatic, and it has been hard to identify the infected people and the people at risk.

Therefore, while the body fears coming in contact, the mind battles this war daily. Consequently, we have become dangerous and vulnerable at the same time. But, as time passes, we have to learn to negotiate with this new normal.

We have broken free from the cocoons of confinement, staying safe and healthy for each other. Undoubtedly, we are thriving with a single goal in mind – to live through this global pandemic.


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