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Tips To Make Your Virtual Event Fun & Interesting

08 04 2021

By Kirti Khanna

Kirti Khanna is Toronto based event marketing strategist and writer who watches event trends across the globe closely. She loves to research and is passionate to share her thoughts with the world in innovative ways!

Gone are the days of only organizing events at the physical location and inviting guests. Companies are now focusing more on the online market, and opting for digital solutions. Virtual events are a wonderful help in that regard- it helps fosters connections and is useful for quality information exchange.

Not to mention, remote users from far-away locations can join such events easily. This certainly increases the scope of audience interaction and customer engagement for brands. Hence, many professionals are opting for this strategy to host their events.

However, with so many companies jumping on the ‘virtual event’ bandwagon, how can you make yours different? Here, we bring to you particular tips that can help you create a more engaging and fun virtual event. Read on to know more.

Real-time Illustrations

One interesting tactic you can adopt is called 'digital live scribing'. Here, artists create illustrations in real-time as the panel discussions continue. This way, the viewers get a graphical representation of what the speaker is saying; the pictures certainly keep their attention.

With the help of live illustrations, you are offering an entertaining experience to your viewers. Plus, most of them would share them further with their followers; therefore, broadening your brand reach.

Live Competitions Or Games

By nature, people are competitive and want to win things that others covet. Thus, adding a game or competition to your event would only enrich their experience. For example, offer voting polls for the audience to participate based on the virtual event you organized. In the end, mention when the winner would be declared on your official website or through social media. Most of all, mention the prize as well.

Here, what can you expect from such a plan? The viewers would engage with all of your platforms to participate and learn the outcome.

Virtual Concert

Without a doubt, entertainment is an important strategy for keeping the interest of viewers. So, when you are going digital with your event, do the same with the entertainment as well.

Invite musical guests to your live-streamed event and advertise it thoroughly on all platforms before the event goes live. A lot of viewers wish to attend an entertaining concert but cannot go to a live one. Adding a virtual concert to your event schedule would capture their attention and interest.

Add Merchandise Or Add-On Offers

To gather more customer attention, what else can you do? One effective tactic here is to include add-on offers with the event tickets, like participation packages. Plus, go one step ahead and offer delivery of said packages to their address for free. For example, you can offer gifts like decorative items or snacks.

Of course, choose one that is compatible with your target audience. One is more likely to join the virtual event if the add-on interests them.

Offer Discounts On New Launches

A lot of brands use virtual events as a forum to promote their new products after development. You can do the same for your upcoming launch as well, displaying its features to the virtual audience.

In this case, you can offer special side-gifts or discounts to the event attendees who purchase the product later. Thus, those who are interested would attend the event to get this benefit.

Organize A Virtual Talent Show

While organizing a virtual event, why not include the viewers in it as well? Indeed, open the floor up to the event audience with tactics like a talent show. Those who are interested can connect with the host and showcase their talent live.

Overall, this would make the event more exciting. The attendees would feel closer to you and the other viewers would find included as well. Surely, this would increase the level of camaraderie and engagement between you and the viewers.

Plus, most of them would remember the fun they had and attend the next event as well.

Trivia Night

Again, this would engage with the competitive nature of the attendees and hold their interest as well. Offer an exciting prize to the winner at the end of the event, and begin with the trivia questions. Here, allow users to answer through the live chat or add them via video conference.


Overall, you can use these tips, and many other tactics to make your virtual event more exciting for viewers. Not only can this potentially improve your brand’s popularity, but also improve your relationship with your customers. So, focus on this.


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