10 Leading Catering Companies of Alberta

05 04 2021

Isn’t good food one of the biggest motivations to attend an event? Yes! Despite not wanting to make that kind of admission, you must confess that tasty food items are sometimes enough to lure you out. After all, who doesn't want to taste delicious platters?Irrespective of the size of your event, food plays a significant role. It can actually make your event a huge success. Don’t believe it? If you think hard, you can actually remember the yummilicious dishes that you had at a wedding party two years ago. That’s how much impact foods can have!

To make an event memorable, you need the best catering services. And to make your work easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best ones in Alberta. Take a look!

Acapella Catering

On top of the list, we have placed Acapella Catering, situated in Edmonton. That too with good reason! They offer a wide range of food services. Here, you can get lavish breakfast buffets, Asian lunches to conference snacks, and gift boxes. What's more? They come with impressive recommendations from previous clients!

Devour Events & Catering

When it comes to organizing events, stress is an ever-present factor. That is why Devour Events & Catering assures you that they will take care of the food part while you work on the other areas. They are intelligent, efficient, and are almost ready for any situation at hand. Just tell them the theme, and they can suggest a menu accordingly. Moreover, they can also fit it in within your budget.

Green Bean Restaurant and Catering

Operational since 1995, this catering service operating out of Calgary serves different types of events. From corporate gatherings to personal events, hiring them is the recipe for success. Moreover, the Green Bean Restaurant and Catering are quick on their feet and can tackle last-minute orders with efficiency.

Mercer’s Catering

Located in Edmonton, Mercer's Catering offers affordable food items. Moreover, do you want a broad menu to pick from? Here, the professional chefs add flavors and ensure that the presentation of the food is world-class. You can choose the items you want, and you know what the best part is? There is no particular amount that you have to order!

Ela Euro Catering

Want to put a twist into the conventional choice of cuisines? How about European? Ela Euro Catering offers polish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Ukrainian cuisines. But there's a catch! This catering service has a minimum limit of 50-person orders. They serve large events but can offer different dining styles.

Black Apron Cuisine

Do you want a personalized menu that makes your event even more intimate? That’s right! Black Apron Cuisine offers different types of cuisines. They can accommodate various themes ranging from corporate events to dream weddings. Moreover, the visual presentation and the cost ensure that this catering company deserves to be on this list.

Art of Charcuterie

If you have an appreciation for artistry elements, then the visual aspect of food items at Art of Charcuterie will blow your mind! Apart from the incorporation of nutritional elements, the charcuterie packages are absolutely delicious. Moreover, they are customizable and have the ability to add a certain flair to your event.

An Affair to Remember

Want your event to be memorable? Choosing An Affair to Remember might accomplish that goal! Here, you will get a diverse menu that is open for customization. Moreover, you can also get BBQs and desserts!

Thrive Catering Co.

Serving events since 1988, this Edmonton-based catering company offers gourmet food items. With an extensive menu that contains homemade foods, you can expect a lavish spread. Moreover, they provide excellent customer service and are famous for having an eye for details. Thrive Catering Co. also serves clients with cultural food preferences.

Gather Catering

Local sourcing and fresh ingredients are the highlights of Gather Catering. Also, the chefs here are highly competitive and thrive to ensure that you get the best thematic package. Moreover, they also adjust to your taste and budget accordingly.


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