How To Make Your Event Business Stand Out

01 04 2021

Events are exciting, aren’t they?

However, real magic occurs behind the scene; multiple professionals contribute to the success of any event. Coordinating with the clients about the event theme, organizing vendors, booking entertainers, and venues, and putting all the components together cohesively- a lot goes into the entire event management.

The one at the helm of all of it all is an event manager or planner.

Of course, besides the event itself, there is a lot one must look into, in the context of excelling in the event planning industry.

After all, there are lots of event-related businesses available in the market. What makes yours different?

If you have a general idea for the answer, good. Expand on that to understand what aspects you need to work on. If not, here are some points you can focus on to highlight your brand effectively.

Figure Out Your Niche

First and foremost, what is your niche specialty? What kind of audience do you cater to? What services do you give that they would not get anywhere else?

Before deciding on anything else, focus on that.

For example, if your specialty is managing events at exotic locations, market that aspect of your brand. On the other hand, you can even target budget-conscious clients if your cost-effective plans are what sets you apart. In case you produce vegan or eco-friendly products, highlight that.

When you promote your brand around the kind of service you provide, you would attract clients who are interested in that. The popularity of your business would grow with that specific audience.

Partnering With Other Businesses

Another thing you can do to make your event business stand out is partnering with particular premium vendors or venues.

For example, if you are running a wedding planning business, this partnership would interest brides who wish to marry at that particular venue. Because of your partnership deal, those interested in your affiliated businesses would consider hiring your brand as a priority.

So, go ahead and visit the venues and vendors, and hash out a business deal. In my opinion, a reciprocal collaboration would work out favorably for you in this concern. Basically in this, both parties involved would agree to promote the other’s brand to your regular customers. Similarly, you can make such a deal with particular vendors, like florists, caterers, and photographers.

Without a doubt, this is a win-win for everyone.

Reviews And Listings

To stand out from other competitors, one needs to be seen first. After all, if you do not have any social media presence or are not available in any directory, would any customer trust your service?

In most cases, the answer to this is a resounding no.

Indeed, consumers today want verification, validity, and popularity from those they work with. They first check one's online presence and how previous clients have experienced working with the business.

You should expect the same for your business as well. Therefore, take correct precautions. Register with reliable websites and directories, and create social media profiles.

Post daily pictures on your social media about recent events, publish informative blog posts, and more. Also, allow the reviews sections to stay visible, and ask your prior clients, if you had some, to leave their reviews. Additionally, create your own website as well, for further promotion.

Most customers would trust your brand and decide to work with you over others after seeing the reviews and listings.

Create A Compelling Website

Speaking of websites, that would go a long way for you as a vendor as well. Event planners looking for vendors or individual clients would want someone they can access easily.

Therefore, focus on the physical look of your brand, i.e., your website, to develop a lasting first impression.

For this, framing a tagline is useful, for sure. Make sure to display it prominently with the business name, and word it in a way that highlights your defining feature. You can never go wrong with an attractive picture, either.

What kind of tagline, you ask? Here is one example.

If you are a caterer, go with a tagline like “Tastiest Cuisine For Every Event” or “Best Comfort Food For Every Occasion”.

Be Open

Without a doubt, customers want details about every event matter, including who they leave in charge. This is only fair; they have a vision for their event and they want to rely on someone they can trust.

Thus, you should stay honest with your client about all matters from the start. Show them the details about the services you provide, all costs, and your business practices. If they see something they like about you besides your open nature, they would grow into loyal clients.

As a vendor, this is effective for creating an honest relationship with the event planner, and vice versa.

Display the pricing of the products you offer on the website.

For example, if you handle wedding events, you can add the price information about the deluxe packages you provide. Also, mention the costs of all the different elements that make up the package offer instead of a blanket price statement. This includes things like flower arrangement, on-site decor, food area, tables and chairs, and entertainment.

Plus, if you offer custom package options, mention the estimated cost they can incur beforehand.

Marketing Tactics

How well the consumers know your event business also depends on how you market it. In this concern, those who worked with you on the events can come in handy.

For example, the photographers. Chances are they have their own websites or platforms where they post their work. Ask them to credit your brand name in the posts of the events you worked together on. Other clients who view them may get interested if they like your work as they see the picture.

Are you wondering what the pictures can show?

They can be the decorations you created (designers), your food items (caterers), or the view of the venue (event planners). Surely, this is a useful technique for gaining customer attention.

Also, give the same courtesy to the photographer.


All in all, these strategies are useful for event businesses of every kind to gain brand popularity and more customers. So, go ahead. Begin using them for your business as soon as possible!


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