How To Host An Intimate Spring Wedding in 2024

07 04 2021

There is much to determine when planning your dream wedding, starting from location to the theme. For many couples, the spring wedding is a go-to choice; and why not? This wedding theme and period have a dreamy romantic feel to it. With pastels and flowers constituting the main decorative elements, couples prefer the bright and comfortable atmosphere, as well.

All in all, spring weddings are popular for a reason, and it is only obvious why couples go all out while planning it. However, what if you want a more intimate setting for your wedding?

The following are some tips that wedding planners are focusing on to set an intimate spring-themed wedding in 2021.


First and foremost, you need to decide on the budget for the wedding.

For couples who want a large-scale wedding setting, the cost, of course, is high. Thankfully, this is not a huge issue for intimate wedding plans. However, factors like venue and vendor items can increase your overall budget. Therefore, focus on that more carefully from the beginning. Planners set an average budget based on market research and their client’s requirements; so, they are dependable advisors.

Also, set your average budget a little lower than the maximum amount you can spend. In case there are certain costs you did not account for earlier, you can still afford to pay the extra amount.


One of the best things about a spring wedding is surely the ambiance and atmosphere. Certainly, nature is at its finest state during this period. So, a lot of clients want to host their wedding outdoors. But, what is the best way to do so when your wedding is more small-scale?

Firstly, planning an intimate wedding in a garden-like spot is possible. Here, rent a tent for protection against the scorching sun or possible rainfall. Organize parasols and fans at the venue to deal with the heatwave, and keep chilled beverages handy. Also, inform the guest to dress according to the temperature changes. It would get very chilly during the evenings compared to the daytime.

Change Tradition

Just because you are hosting a small ceremony does not mean fun activities do not count.

Add your own twist for the celebrations. Skip certain traditional wedding rules like a formal dance. Spend that budget on an in-house bar. Plus, organize a movie party with all of your attendees. Indeed, there are lots of ideas that you can try.

Go Virtual

When you are organizing an intimate wedding, it is not possible to invite everyone that you know to the event. Certainly, that beats the very purpose of the plan. So, it is best to invite less than 50 guests to the wedding and disregard the "plus one" rule.

However, what if this shortened guest list is leaving out lots of important names whom you wanted to invite? Or, what if the venue has an even smaller capacity?

Here, live-streaming the wedding is one tactic many wedding planners are suggesting nowadays. You can opt for that as well for your special day.


With a small budget, you can still organize a spectacular spring wedding. How, you ask? Focus a big percentage of it on the centrepieces and the venue arrangements.

Indeed, champion flower arrangements at the entryways and add garlands on the chairs. Set candles around the aisle or tables, and especially near the altar. Opt for floral chandeliers and fill the room and surroundings with tiny string lights. Go an extra step ahead and hang birdcages; fill them with seasonal flowers first.

All in all, it would create a dreamy ambiance all around.


While the guest list would be small, food is still an important detail to consider. Indeed, you should put more focus on a dinner party and hire top-quality chefs to handle the menu. Some of them cook at the venue right in front of the guests. This would add a dinner-and-a-show feel, so you can opt for that.

Some caterers cook off-premises and deliver the food to the venue. The same goes for the cake. Certainly, for your intimate-style wedding, this is another useful plan to follow.


Overall, while planning a small-scale spring wedding, keep the guest list small, focus on decor, and add fun activities all can enjoy. If needed, rely on professionals for the planning. After all, your wedding is your special day; isn’t it only fair to make it exceptionally memorable?


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