Top 7 Wedding Photographers In Calgary

05 04 2024

Events are exciting and bring a lot of engagement from the audience for the organizers and clients. Whether it is a wedding event or a social performance event, clients want to immortalize the occasion well, for either further promotions or nostalgic reasons. This is why they focus on hiring photographers, who capture the moments in high definition.

But should you depend on just anyone for this important task? Truth be told, there are many high-profile and reliable professional photographers that you can contact. These specialists are dedicated to providing high-quality pictures of the main event for their clients. Many of them utilize their editing skills to enhance the picture quality furthermore.

The following are seven of the best photographers available in Calgary.

Cole Hofstra Photography

Cole Hofstra focuses on wedding photography mainly and handles couples' and families' photography as well. Interested clients can get in touch with him throughout the week. Generally, Hofstra accepts photography deals from customers all over Western Canada, besides Calgary.

This professional photographer has a specialty in multiple event photography themes. Some of his main specialties for photography include outdoor adventure, photojournalism, lifestyle, corporate, sports, and portraiture.

He is highly skilled and adds creative elements to the pictures for an added appeal. Essentially, Hofstra handles photography offers for destination shoots, weddings, families, engagement, and commercial images.

Isaac Peters Photography

Isaac Peters is a celebrated photographer based in Calgary who specializes in stylized photography. Typically, he handles freelance offers and possesses long-time work experience in the field. However, not many clients can avail of his services. This is since Peters selects the offers he gets meticulously to choose only some. In the photography industry, he has over 15 years of experience and mainly works on his own.

Are you wondering what his specializations are? The answer here covers factors like Commercial Photography, Advertising, and Data Analysis. Also, he has skills in handling Customer Service and Sales. Peters is very client-oriented; he provides professional-level images for events focusing on the clients' requirements.

Laura Barclay Photography

Are you interested in photographs for your wedding with an adventure-oriented theme? In that case, Laura Barclay is a premium Calgary-based photographer to go to. She specializes mainly in wedding shoots and adventure elopement photography. Indeed, she captures epic shots in picturesque locations, mainly around the Rockies and similarly stunning areas.

Outdoor photography is a specialty for Barclay; her photographs generally showcase couples with exotic and wild backdrops. Not only can she click stunning pictures in traditional spots like your backyard, but she also takes adventure shots under waterfalls or mountain tops.

Nicole Sarah Photography

Among the many top photographers in Calgary, Nicole Sarah focuses mainly on weddings and engagements. Plus, she is equipped to take maternal and editorial-themed pictures as well.

Sarah's photography showcases an element of storytelling and a creative approach. To put it simply, she portrays and captures raw emotions and moments in HD. Indeed, she is dedicated to giving her clients memorable high-quality pictures that are not staged and stay realistic and authentic.

Overall, she works with a team full of equally talented and dedicated photographers. Altogether, the entire crew keeps the client's needs at the center for each offer they get.

Yueko Image

For professional quality and exciting photography, you can depend on the husband-wife team at Yueko Image. Vivian and Ken both have a high level of experience and skill in creating stylishly edited pictures. Overall, they capture moments and add different styles and perspectives to their shots.

Owing to their high-quality shots and stunning visuals, these two have even won photography awards of PWPC and WPPI. Thus, you can count on them for amazing photos for your events.

Mortensen Photography

Under the leadership of Lorraine Mortensen, clients can expect beautiful portraiture shots of themselves. She mostly handles portrait photography for clients who are women. Mainly, she captures stunning portraits of ladies, regardless if they are photogenic or not.

She is a master in breaking beauty stereotypes and showcases the authentic grace of her clients visually.

SLIVER Photography Inc.

Sam Livermore provides photography services to his clients, along with his team of professional photographers and editors. Based out of Calgary, this professional owns the SLIVER Photography Inc.

He has a long-standing experience in the field; he has worked as a photographer for more than 20 years. Essentially, he provides his services for different outdoor and indoor shooting, and for different event types.


All in all, these professional photographers have experience and skills in various fields of photography. To get high-quality and mesmerizing shots for any occasion or event, you can depend on their expertise well.


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