21 Engagement Poses That Every Couple Must Try

28 02 2021

Portrait photography is an integral part of celebratory events and promotions, such as marriages and engagements. The main job of portrait photographers is to click creative and compelling photographs of their clients. All over Canada, 75% of the total 71,580 photographers and counting work in the portrait photography industry. Out of them, only 5.5% choose to specialize in wedding and engagement photography.

Most photographers are self-employed, and they handle multiple projects simultaneously. Yet, customers want exciting and standout photographs of their special day or moment. The following are some of the most popular and creative engagement poses most professional photographers suggest to their clients.

Taking a stroll

Couples can walk down a picturesque road, dressed in casual or formal clothes, as per their liking. Mostly, photographers suggest a candid look for this picture.


With A Pet


While pets are not the easiest to work with, professional photographers manage to click them with the engaged couple in a candid shot. It is a fun portrayal of the engagement news and is a favorite choice for pet lovers.



This pose is subjective; couples can focus on each other while carrying out regular activities. Mostly, this is a candid shot.

Subtle Ring


This pose does not focus on the couple’s faces, mainly zooming in on the ring.

Pillow Fight


Photographers can choose to make the picture slightly hazy or high-definition. As for the pose, the couple can choreograph a candid moment.



The photographer clicks a picture of the couple where one partner kisses the other’s hand. It focuses on the couple and blurs out the background.

Tummy-to-tummy Pose


In this picture, the couple hugs with their tummies against each other. Focusing on one partner's face with a side-angled view of the other and highlights the expression of the first.

Big Smiles


A candid picture with both partners enjoying a day-out together is another interesting choice. The main focus in this shot is big smiles on the couple’s faces.

Over-the-shoulder Look


In this picture, the photographer captures the expression of one partner and the back of the other. The facing partner has the task of portraying different emotions, for example, a shy smile.

Stunning Backgrounds


Photographers can shoot a panorama picture of the couple, with the main focus on the background. Showing a beautiful landscape like seaside, field, or mountains adds the romantic element.

Almost Kiss


This pose captures the moment before the kiss. It shows an intimate look at the couple's feelings in the frame.

Sitting On The Steps


The two clients can sit on the steps in matching or contrasting angles, with their focus on the camera lens.

Protective Arm


One partner can wrap their arm around the other, with their hand displaying the ring. In this picture, not focusing on one partner but showing the facing expression of the second would work.

Element Of Fun


Photographers often ask the couple to act goofy and then they capture a candid or pre-determined moment.

Couch Cuddles


Again, this is a casual pose, with the couples lounging on the couch. The focus should center on the couple and cut out most of the background.

Cute Kisses


One partner kissing the other on the cheek is a popular engagement picture for soon-to-be-wedded couples. Many photographers suggest displaying the ring in this pose.

Shy Smile


This is mainly a close-up shot of the couple, with one partner looking down with a shy smile. This portrays an innocent and romantic appeal.

Back To Front


One partner can stay facing the camera at a side angle while the other hugs from behind. This side-profile pose is popular with younger couples.

Snow Day


Photographers can suggest the couple play around on the snow-covered landscape. The white background contrasts well with the individuals under focus.

On The Wall


The couple can sit together on a tall wall, and the photographers capture their moment together. Showing exuberant smiles work with this pose.

Fix The Tie Or Blazer


The image shows the female partner can fix the tie of the male partner. Here, the photographer would shoot the photo over the female's shoulder. Formal wardrobe suits this picture.


Overall, professional photographers can capture their clients in various poses. But couples can make their photoshoot interesting and unique with these engagement poses. After that, photographers can add their magic by adjusting lighting, color, and brightness of the image to give you the finished pictures. For that, you should have a talented photographer by your side. Start looking for professional photographers as per your needs and budget on our platform now.


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