25 Amazing Fall Wedding ideas

23 12 2020

Weddings are a beautiful affair, at any time of the year. It is considered a milestone event, which is why people wish to celebrate it romantically and joyously. However, there is something innovatively magical about having the nuptial during the fall season.

The changing color of the leaves and the slight dip in the temperature allow the couples to explore a lot of different options concerning the décor and themes. Moreover, with the swiftly changing wedding trends, doing something special always adds glory to the ceremony.

In this article, we have discussed some splendid new fall wedding ideas for you. So, get ready for this exciting wedding tour.

The Outdoor Wedding

Select the outdoors, with the multi-colored fall leaves, the color palette inspired from the background, and a woodland wedding theme. Set up a dramatic, rustic entrance, the table designs can be made exquisite, even the gift ideas can resemble the fall season.

Dazzling Wedding Entrance

Selecting a whimsical theme for the wedding is a fairy-tale come true. In the backdrop of a beautiful lake, both the bride and groom can ride a canoe or a boat, in the misty lake, and enter the event. A wedding venue like Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada is perfect.

Open-air Dancing and Dining

Arrange an open-air sitting zone. Ask the event managers to hang string lights, place long tables, probably made from wood to create that rustic feeling- such an awe-inspiring, romantic themed party for the wedding.

Serving Delicious Ice-cream

Serve all your guest's ice-cream to mark and enjoy the end of the summer season. Hire an open truck selling ice-creams and the guests can entertain them on their own.

Wedding In The Backyard

Choosing an intimate venue like the backyard of your house for the wedding matches perfectly with the aura of seasonal abundance. You can always make it elegant and sophisticated.

Table Linens

Go with minimalism. The tables and chairs should be cool-toned, and contrasting linens should be used. You can also select rust-colored handkerchiefs or napkins.

Showpieces For The Reception

The floral decorations for the wedding can have autumnal flowers. Take a galvanized vase and stack all the flowers together to form an attractive showpiece. This is a stylish arrangement.

Bridesmaid Dress Theme

Ask your girls to wear all earth-toned shades like burgundy, orange, brownish red, brick red, taupe along with jewelry which matches the tone of the dress like emerald, ruby, or even sapphire.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a bright new wedding trend. You can add jewel-toned blooms along with yellow and orange leaves on the crown to build that mystic scenario at the wedding.

Forest Inspired Setting

Add barks of the trees, and wooden stools and set up a picnic. Bring the guests soft colored fabrics and blankets and set up the feeling for the authentic, warm fall wedding. Places like Edmonton in Canada are suitable for these weddings.

The Food Spread

Add pumpkin-flavored cakes, pastries made from berries, cheese, and goat milk. The gathering will be pleased with the innovative food on the menu.

Wedding Bouquet

Choose colorful flowers, radiating the autumn hues. The fall leaves will highlight the entire presentation.

Fruits On The Menu

Replace pumpkins with fruits. They go perfectly with the fall wedding theme. Pomegranates are largely used in these weddings.

Bar Décor Be Rustic

Adding lanterns and garlands to your wedding decorations adds a tinge of wonder and mystery to the ceremony. It perfectly emanates the fall theme and seasonal emotions.

An Outdoor Photoshoot

The photographer can capture the essence of the season by clicking the couple's pictures against the autumn foliage. These photos within Nature can be treasured forever.

Banff, Red Deer in Canada are exotic locations for a fall wedding photoshoot.

Scarfs For Guests

Distribute light-colored, designer scarves for the wedding guests. You can also offer these scarfs by wrapping them in gift papers.


Make it customary to wear boots to the ceremony. This is a fresh idea as you can ditch the strappy shoes. This footwear is adequate for the fall weather and seasonal changes. They are also more comfortable and secure to wear than fancy heels and ballerinas.


Pinecones are an ingenious decorative item for every fall wedding. They radiate the décor for the fall wedding. You can also use them or re-purpose them as a home décor item.

Warm Beverage

If the temperature is very cold, you can ask the caterer to make arrangements for some hot beverages, like tea, coffee, or maybe a hot chocolate/vanilla drink.

Setting Up A Photo Wall

Arrange and design a beautiful photo-wall, that will match exclusively with the fall wedding theme. You can add jewel tones and lightings to it.

A Campfire

An evening campfire, with an acoustic setting and country music, will create a surreal campy vibe at your outdoor wedding.

Autumn Ensemble

Add the touch of the fall season to it by enriching the groom’s wedding suit with bright, autumn flowers. Like a boutonniere made from orchids will be highly impactful.

Maple Leaves For The Ring Ceremony

You can place the engagement rings on maple leaves and bring them to the podium, to the bride and the groom.

Barrel Bars

Build a chic drinking counter to serve beer in barrels. Use some vintage wooden décor for added effect. Look stylish by adding vibrant floral arrangements.


These are some of the most exciting things that you can add to your wedding ceremony. A perfect resemblance for the fall season, you can replace cars and buses with hayrides for your guests.

Final Thoughts

Autumn or Fall Weddings, have an everlasting charm. You can take inspiration from thousands of different ideas and make it a dramatic display. The breath-taking seasonal backdrop, especially in the region of Alberta, with the hues of the fall foliage, enables you to host a gorgeous wedding that people are bound to remember forever.


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