7 Ways To Promote Your Wedding Venues

27 01 2021

While planning the wedding, the most significant decision for any bride and groom is to choose the most appropriate wedding venue. There are several alternatives to choose from, and it is this selection process that sets the tone for the entire event. Your wedding venue might be perfect, but nobody is going to discover it until you promote it properly.

In this modern era, you have to innovate your marketing strategies that align with the latest trends and maximize your ROI. Here we explain 7 ways to promote your wedding venue so that your target audience not only discovers your property but falls in love with it (but that is your responsibility too :))

Perfect Images For Perfect Promotion

Images are more influential than textual content. Great pictures are necessary for event venues. So, you should ensure to upload high-quality photos of your property from all angles on your website and social media channels. With relevant headings and captions, you should clearly define the food stations, the bar, DJ, wedding hall, open space, and interiors. Showcasing each part of the venue that the couple would be using will increase your future customers’ interest. Having the perfect pictures and knowing the emotions you wish them to convey becomes crucial for proper promotion. Once you have these ready, you can display them on your website, wedding showcases and use them for advertisements in magazines or other print media.

Harness The Power of Instagram

Instagram is the most powerful social media platform for the wedding industry. Reaching wider audiences and driving traffic to your website becomes easy when you create sponsored posts on Instagram. With your perfectly designed posts and pictures on Instagram, you can be pretty sure that brides will schedule appointments to see your venue personally or virtually.

Posting images on Instagram also enables you to display the pictures in real-time. You can go live during ongoing events to show your arrangements to your followers. With its different features and business resources, you can take your marketing game to another level.

Using Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of online marketing. With the use of the right hashtags, your business visibility improves by manifold. Every platform allows using hashtags, but some have a limit on the number. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags. On Twitter, you can add hashtags till you reach the character limit. Before adding any hashtags to your posts, make sure you look for the ones that will bring desired results. Sometimes, you will also have to use irrelevant hashtags just because they will get you more visitors.

Video Content Boosts Conversions

Video content is more effective than pictures. Videos are more engaging and lead to conversations with clients quickly. The increasing popularity of wedding day set-ups and behind-the-scenes footage indicates that people are interested in witnessing everything in detail before choosing to start the conversation. The detailed video footage will also enable your future customers to know about your crew’s working methods. It helps create a stable connection with the visiting traffic and will most likely convert them into customers.

Wedding Websites Can Be Your Launching Pad

Wedding websites and platforms like Genu Venue are perfect to market your wedding venue. The majority of the people are unsure about where to look for ideal venues, so they start by exploring different wedding websites. Such third-party platforms are already set-up and do not require any additional efforts. So, you can rely on them for your marketing and SEO. Moreover, having your business listed on these websites will earn you reviews from previous customers. These reviews will enable future customers to evaluate your venue and get the necessary information to make their final choice.

Real Or Virtual Tour Of The Venue

Venue tour is another promotion method that gives high conversions. A bride or groom would want to see the venue to visualize the entire event and plan accordingly. Arranging private venue tours with prior appointment or open house can be considered according to your business convenience. You can announce open house dates through social media posts or email campaigns.

On the other hand, you can choose to give virtual tours as they are more convenient and safe, especially during the current pandemic. Make sure you have the right equipment that enables a smooth virtual tour experience.

Discount Offers To Attract Customers

This method applies to every business. Wedding venues are expensive, so when your marketing strategy includes attractive discount offers, you can be sure about success. Discounted prices for specific dates or off-peak months will surely make your marketing campaign successful.

Bottom Line

Apart from the mentioned ways to promote wedding venues, there are several other options for successful marketing. The most important thing to ensure in any applied method is establishing a proper connection with the bride or groom. You have to make sure that they are able to connect emotionally with your venue. Once they imagine their wedding in your venue - you achieve your goal!


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