9 Party Favor Ideas For Your Events

20 02 2021

As an event planner, your main goal is to satisfy the attendees and ensure that they have a wonderful experience. The plan you come up with regarding the table setting, mood lighting, music, and food is essential, but you need something more. Indeed, you have to give the guests something to smile about at the end of the event.

Party favors do this trick, and good event planners make this an essential part of the plan. They create goody-bags full of useful and delightful items that satisfy the visitors and leave a lasting impression. A party planner must keep in mind the budget of their client when choosing what goes inside the bag. Luckily, you can give multiple easy, affordable, and exciting products as party ideas. Some of them are mentioned hereafter.

Party Favor Ideas For Your Next Event


One of the most common types of party favors is sweets and candies, and they are famous for a reason. You can add different kinds of treats in a small personalized paper box or a glittery translucent bag. As for suitable occasions, most event planners offer this type of party favors for kids-related celebrations like on their birthdays.


Giving books to the guests is a more uncommon type of party favor. However, they can work well with any event theme, and you would have a wide variety to choose from. For example, if the event is a seminar, gift books related to a defined subject matter. Overall, books don’t have an expiry date and will leave an ever-lasting impression on the guests.

Bedazzled Champagne Bottles

Many event planners for weddings or bachelorette parties present glittery champagne bottles as showpieces. After the party is over, you can offer these as party favors to the attendees.

One Big Item

Instead of buying and gifting a range of things, you can give your guests just one oversized item. Event planners mostly stress upon offering party favors that resonate with the event’s theme. Some of these party favor examples include science kits or Lego sets for kid's parties or floats or frisbees for a poolside event.

Fruit Baskets

You can prepare a customized basket or box full of seasonal fresh fruits. Later, you can offer them to your guests as a party favor. This is a health-conscious choice that quickly presents elegantly in either formal dinner parties or wedding celebrations.

Flashback Items

Indeed, it is always safe to rely on old-school pieces as a party favor gift for your close ones. Many event planners stick to this philosophy when organizing their party favor gifts. You can offer something that most of the guests resonate with or had a memory of. This will mostly gel with school or college reunions with your classmates. Indeed, you can give them travel puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, board games, yo-yos, or other such items. Not to mention, a good thing about this type of gift is that it would work well with both children's and adult events.

Photo-Frames & Cameras

Many people do not automatically go for this option, mainly because it is not as cost-effective as the other methods mentioned above. However, disposable cameras or hand-made photo-frames are great parties favor ideas for a smaller intimate event. For example, at a wedding, you can place such cameras on the guests’ tables to click pictures. Later, they can take home the developed photograph in a frame.

DIY Crafts

This is the most inexpensive but extremely meaningful and thoughtful party favor gifts for guests. Indeed, you can make cards or small hand-made crafts for the attendees to take home. For example, at a kid's party or baby shower, this kind of gift is a good choice. Plus, the hand-made quality would appeal to many guests instead of pre-bought impersonal products.

Scented Candles Or Solid Perfume

This is one of the elegant gift options popular for weddings, including dinner parties, college graduation, and more. You can also create such candles on your own, personalizing them as you see fit. Many of the guests would enjoy the hand-made quality of these as well.


0verall, you would find many options of party favors to give to your guests at the end of an event. Out of the ones mentioned above, you can mix-and-match some choices and provide them as a set. This is an integral part of event planning, and you should keep the theme in mind while choosing the perfect gift.

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