9 Ways To Minimize Contact While Hosting In-person Events

22 12 2020

To put a check on the spread of the Covid-19, new public health measures have been implemented in Alberta. People are not restricted from their outdoor and indoor activities so long as they gather in limited numbers and maintain 2 meters distance from a person outside of your cohort.

People are advised not to indulge in activities that are at a higher risk of spreading Coronavirus. If anyone feels ill, they are advised to stay at home and get tested. These are the primary restrictions for gatherings in Alberta, though there are new limits set for Edmonton and Calgary City, separately. The limit on gatherings in Edmonton and Calgary city is 15 people.

  • For Indoor social gatherings, only a maximum of 50 people is allowed. If the indoor event is a seated event, up to 100 people are allowed.

  • For outdoor social events, up to 100 people are allowed.

  • For community events, where the people are gathered as the audience, the limit is 200 people.

  • There is no regulated cap for people gathering in casinos, trade shows, exhibits, restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, or places of religious gathering. But it is expected that the public health measures as outlined by the authorities are in place.

  • Indoor events are typically conferences, seated venues, small weddings, and funerals. This gathering is not a conversational gathering but more an audience-type of gathering. There is expected to be limited interaction and movement between the audience and they must maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other.

Ways To Reduce Contact At An Event


Plan the seating and other layouts of the event venue with diagramming tools. Ensure that the seating adheres to social distancing norms. See that each attendee has enough space to maintain a safe distance from others. Plan the food area, restrooms, and sanitization stations.

Manage Event Venue Capacity

Ensure that a safe number of attendees to register and attend the event. Have a self-check-in stall for contactless registration. Retain another space nearby as an overflow room.

Communication With Attendees

You can use an event app to manage the event. Even attendees can communicate with each other through the app. Without any contact, attendees can pick up their badges or gifts, or takeaways.

Contactless Sharing

For networking events, attendees can share their details or contact information sans exchange of business cards. RFID badges would be ideal for sharing information sans contact.

Food And Beverages

Using disposable cutlery and utensils to serve and eat food is a better practice in these troubled Covid times.

Create clear markings for food counters and to maintain the stipulated distance between attendees. Individually-served and packed meals are a better alternative to buffets and salad bars. Seated dining arrangements must comply with health regulations.

Safe Use Of Catering Staff

Every worker must wash their hands with soap and sanitizers to prevent the disease spread. All those helping in the catering must wear protective masks and gloves.

Venue Management

Ensure that the venue is well –ventilated. If anyone feels ill, segregate them from the rest of the group soon. Allow them to rest in a quarantined area and contact the local health department to assist them. The venue must be kept as disinfected as possible.

Ensure that frequently-touched surfaces are cleaned and sanitized often. Include clear signage that informs people about the safe practices that they must follow. Keep a watch on the number of people queued up at restrooms.

Prevent overcrowding and create barriers, if needed, to regulate the movement of guests. Be well stocked with preventive supplies such as face masks, liquid soap dispensers, and hand sanitizers.

Using An App

Use apps for contactless event management for sending notifications and other important communications. This way, you can ensure that there is a safe distance between guests. Some guests can also join the event online, via the app.

Guest Monitoring

If possible, stagger the timing of guests coming in and leaving the venue. This restricts the number of people gathered in one location and there is limited interaction between them. Guests must avoid hugs, handshakes, and fist bumps. Ensure that the attendees wear masks properly at all times. Request the attendees to avoid public transport.

These are the nine different ways of safeguarding yourselves from direct contact with a large number of people during these unprecedented times. Until we are back to celebrating events like we used to, we should prioritize safety and health before anything else.


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