Guide To Choose The Right Ticketing Method For Your Online Event

06 02 2021

Event ticketing is a vital aspect of event planning. It is challenging to get attendees to your event, especially when organizing online events. Due to the pandemic, businesses and commoners are now preferring online and virtual events. So, it has become more important for event planners to choose the right ticketing method to get the maximum number of people to attend the events. According to some sources, free events sell more than paid events but we cannot rely on this statement solely to decide your event’s ticketing. After all, businesses cannot bear unnecessary losses, particularly when the earnings are negligible due to COVID-19.

In this blog, we explain different types of ticketing methods to make your decision-making process easier and less complicated. When you choose the right ticketing, your attendance rate will inflate along with the number of registrations.

Pay As You Please Tickets!

It is more like a donation and the attendees decide the amount they want to pay. It is similar to the free ticketing method but is more successful in case of charity events that are organized to support a noble cause. This ticketing method will not generate any considerable revenue. But you will at least make a few bucks while collecting important user information.

An open-ended payment method can be used to show your customers that you care about them in these times of despair. Obviously, you do not want to come out as an insensitive brand. So this method is perfect for businesses to build a positive reputation and goodwill among their target audiences.

When attendees know that the money will be used in charity, they tend to spend more than what you would have normally charged. That said, it is not advisable for businesses to choose this method if they are looking to generate huge profits from events.

Early Access Tickets!

Customers love early access and they are ready to spend more to experience something before others could. If your target audience is such, you can select the early access tickets to publicize your brand as well as earn high revenue. Set a definite number of tickets as early access tickets like 10% of the total tickets or so.

To be able to execute this method better, you will need to figure out some offers that will add value to your customers. Maybe, an informative ebook or signed CDs from the band or face-to-face interaction with the event host. It will create a buzz in your audience and boost sales, only if the benefit is that exciting.

Not only this generates more revenue for your business, but it also affects the business reputation. People eagerly wait for your future events and try to get the early access tickets before they are sold out.

Free! Free! Free!

This ticketing is simple and does not need any explanation. All you need to do is ask for attendees’ email addresses and names. Tickets can be sent to their email ids for easy check-in. Free tickets do not generate any direct revenue. However, it provides you with useful information and user data that you can utilize for other purposes.

If your business aims to learn about its target audience, then you can add relevant input fields in the registration form. Later on, your business team can use the same information to create better marketing campaigns, sales strategies, or product strategies. Moreover, you can assess if the target audience is really interested in your brand by evaluating the attendance list.

Businesses and brands trying to create more awareness about their product or services can choose this ticketing method. Since virtual events are not going to cost you more, there are not many losses that you might need to face.

VIP Tickets!

Similar to early access tickets, VIP tickets also provide an additional benefit or service to the attendees at some extra cost. This benefit can be front row seats or backstage access, or autographed merchandise. In the case of virtual events, it can be one on one questionnaire, recording of the event, or contest participation.

VIP tickets should also be limited so that the customers actually experience VIP treatment. Make sure to discuss the VIP benefits with your event marketing team to execute a successful plan that delivers results.

Tickets With Goodie Bags!

This type of ticketing is the most effective as customers feel that they are not paying for just the event but some additional goodies. You can implement this method in two ways.

  • Pre-defined goodie bag for customers that choose the goodie bag option.

  • Different goodie bag options for customers as per their choice and budget.

So, this is just a VIP ticket that offers goodies as a benefit. That said, this method requires more planning and preparation in order to execute it seamlessly. A proper mailing system should be in place before the ticketing starts.

The goodie bags are a great way of creating brand awareness. You can add customized bottles, t-shirts, hoodies, or pens with your brand name. You can also ask them to wear the same while attending the event. With goodie bags, businesses can add that physical touch while connecting with their customers in a better way.


All the ticketing methods have their own benefits. To choose the most suitable one for your business, you need to evaluate your requirements and analyze the target audience. You should not confuse your customers by implementing more than one ticketing method.

Creating a strategic marketing plan can drive more people to register for your online event. Let us know if you need any help in promoting your virtual event.


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