Handling Negative Customer Reviews Like A Pro

05 03 2021

In event planning, professionals have to handle multiple tasks related to the event process, manage vendors, and event/brand promotion. During the online promotion of the event and after, viewers verbalize their viewpoints digitally. Online event reviews pull a huge percentage of customers to a product or service and are important to monitor.

Generally, 91Perc. of consumers in the 18-34 age bracket trust online reviews and make their decision. Consequently, negative online reviews can put off many potential consumers from an event or the brand. Statistically, 40% of the consumers are less likely to trust a brand after reading negative reviews. Overall, event professionals need to handle negative reviews accurately to improve the reputation of their clients. The following are some important professional review management etiquettes you should follow. Genuine Tone Event professionals handling the customer service section should keep their responses polite and genuine. Also, they can add a slight personal tone to their response, adding their name and contact information to the reviewer for further assistance. This would improve customer engagement and even brand loyalty for the viewers.

Engage With Reviewers Engaging with customers is an important part of the event management process. Negative reviewers are still customers; their feedback is important to understand customer demands. Consumers trust a brand more when a representative answers them back; it shows that that the brand cares about customer experience. In fact, 89% of the customers wait for an event representative’s reply to the negative review. Overall, seeing a response would mollify most reviewers and future clients who read the customer comments. Do Not Antagonize The Reviewers Customers are less likely to stick to a brand if the event professionals reply negatively to a review. It is important to reply in a respectful manner and mention that you would focus on solving the issue. A defensive reply would put off most reviewers and customers more than the original negative review. Show Appreciation In the response, professionals should show their appreciation to the customer for taking the time to reply. Also, mentioning that their viewpoint matters to the business is crucial for improving the brand-customer relationship.

Consequently, they are more likely to have a better user experience and feel positively toward the event and brand. Do Not Hide Negative Reviews Customers trust a brand and their events more if they notice other users detailing their experience. However, 95% of the customers lose trust if they notice that the review section is privatized. Even if there are negative reviews, keeping this section visible shows that the professionals care about customer feedback. Stay Away From Online Trolls Particular reviewers leave negative comments under an event or brand page which are not genuine feedback. The event professionals in charge of customer service need to reply courteously to the review at least once. In case the reviewer continues instigating the negativity, it is best to not revert to such comments. The silent consumers reading the review section are less likely to support the online troll if the event representatives stay civil. Avoid Requesting Good Reviews Only Professionals should not ask the customers for favorable reviews continuously. Customers would give their honest opinion on the event or promoted service on their own, whether positively or negatively.

Essentially, asking for ‘reviews’ is acceptable; but, asking for ‘only positive reviews’ shows that the brand is not open to constructive criticism. Acknowledge The Problem In the response to the reviewer, the professional needs to acknowledge the highlighted issue. Maximum customers add their comments mainly as constructive criticism or a genuine issue with the event service. Regardless of the reason behind the review, professionals need to apologize to the reviewers and take their comments seriously. Answer Quickly It is important for the professionals to answer back the reviewer in a timely manner. The quickness of the response portrays to the customers that their views matter to the business. Overall, 7 out of 10 consumers who had a negative opinion previously would change their mind if the professionals respond back. Customize The Responses Adding a standard monotone reply for all negative reviews decreases customer interest in the brand. Every reviewer would not have the same issue; so, respond to them individually. Follow Up With The Reviewer In case the issue is solved or you have examined the problem area carefully, give a follow-up response to the reviewers.

It portrays that the professional team can take accountability for their actions, and are open to rectify the errors. This further improves customer interest and brand loyalty. Offline Discourse Besides replying digitally, the event professionals need to take the conversation offline. Taking the first step to reach the customer is important, and contacting them via phone shows that you are genuinely open to handling the matter. Bottomline Overall, online reviews are a major part of building the reputation of the brand the event is for. Customers are more likely to trust other customers over brand-sponsored reviews. Thus, the professional customer management team needs to handle this digital exchange efficiently.


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