How To Become A Professional Wedding Planner

28 03 2021

The event planning market in Canada is continuously booming; the wedding planning industry is a major contributor to it. Wedding planners handle multiple tasks related to an event, like organizing meetings with vendors, interacting with the client, contract negotiation, staff management, and more. Most wedding planners in Calgary earn around CAD 31 per hour on an average.

There are a plethora of highly-efficient wedding planners in the field of event planning and management in Calgary. If you wish to make a career in the wedding planning niche, here are the most common traits of the best wedding planners of Calgary.

Creative Planning

Wedding planning is a creative process as all clients have different needs and preferences. Wedding planners with a creative mindset tend to understand the vision of their clients in a better way. Therefore, people prefer creative wedding planners over others because everybody wishes to have an innovative theme at their most special day. Professional planners ensure that the venue, ambience, styling, and vendors are compatible with the client's perspective.

Such individuals would focus on adding elements unique to their clients’ taste to make the wedding proceedings personal and comfortable. They creatively arrange an aesthetic direction congruent to the couple's vision, adding suitable palettes and elements.

Realistic Approach

Considering the realistic factors during the planning process, like budget and venue space is necessary. So, wedding planners with a realistic approach are able to meet their client’s expectations in a better way without setting any unrealistic ones.

For example, couples who have a low budget cannot spend a high percentage of it on extravagant venues and amenities. Here, the professional planners maintain the predetermined wedding budget to plan the event without compromising on quality. Also, they consult with the bride and groom on the finances to decide which factors hold higher priority.

Organizational Skills

The best wedding or event planners have high-level organizational skills that allow them to manage tasks like the overall wedding timeline, track vendor payment schedules, and inform the staff on tasks in an efficient manner. Also, they keep a detailed account of the services or products of the vendors.


An important task of the wedding planners is to act as the link between the vendors, staff, and clients. They also handle communication with friends and family of their clients to plan the proceedings. Having good written and verbal communication skills is imperative for the best wedding planning professionals.

Also, they interact with their clients in a professional and pleasant tone. The planners are responsible for reducing the stress of their clients during the planning process. Maintaining a calm and official tone is important for these professionals and also verbalizing accurate commands to the vendors.


During the wedding planning process, clients stress the budget of the event, but particular vendors may charge high costs. Usually, 31% of couples spend more than their original budget during the planning process. The best wedding planners are valuable in this context; they negotiate management costs with the vendors. They handle the contracts with the vendors as well and check for their license validity. Plus, many vendors charge less for their products and services to professional planners with whom they have a prior association.

Multitasking Skill

Wedding planners have to manage multiple tasks at the same time, for several clients. The best planners with experience have multitasking abilities- they can plan unique events for each client without errors. They are responsible for many tasks like negotiating with vendors, communicating with the couple, and coordinating with event/catering managers.


The wedding planners should be detail-oriented in their task management and planning. The best professionals would ensure a high-quality service in every aspect, like colour palette for the flowers and upholstery and catering management.

In the case of transport, they must consider the distance between the venue and the hotel, traffic conditions, and the number of guests travelling. The best planners focus on the smallest details for the pre-wedding events as well. In Canada, 40% of the soon-to-be brides want well-planned pre-events, and many hire the best wedding planners.


The best wedding planners are resourceful- they search for the best deals for their clients. These professionals handle every aspect of the process and take precautionary steps as well.

Free consultation

Couples in Calgary opt for wedding planners that provide free consultations before the planning procedure. This is crucial as it allows the wedding planner and the potential client to interact about the wedding plan. Couples are more likely to hire professionals they find value in and feel would follow their requests.

The best wedding planners ask important questions like what the client wants for the event, their budget, and their theme preferences. A face-to-face meeting is vital for most clients, compared to phone-call or email correspondence.

Networking skills

The wedding planners work closely with other event management professionals like event technicians, catering companies, and photographers. It is important to network with these professionals as many clients would prefer wedding planners who provide multiple services. Therefore, the best planners for weddings attend networking events to increase professional connections and ensure future client satisfaction.


The best wedding planners in Calgary have multiple skills and experience in the wedding and event industry. Clients prefer dependable professionals; the mentioned points can improve your credibility and expertise level.


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