How To Plan Your Wedding And Work From Home At The Same Time

03 02 2021

In the pre-COVID-19 phase, it was easier for couples to keep the work lives separate from personal lives and devote definite time to wedding planning. Now, most of us have shifted offices in our homes because of the lockdowns and stay-at-home policies imposed by different governments. Due to this, it has become hard to balance our lives as there is no definite routine and most of us are lost in the household chores and responsibilities.

Here is how you can plan your wedding while balancing your work life from home:

Dedicated Work Space

Rather than working from your bed, couch, kitchen, and balcony, find a dedicated workspace where you can work without any distractions. When you take your work in different corners of the home, it feels like you are always working and the productivity is also low. So there should be a dedicated workspace in the living room or your study or anywhere you feel like where you focus on working only. Moreover, you should define your working hours to prioritize work when sitting at the workstation.

To plan your wedding, you simply need to pick your laptop and sit somewhere else with your partner. This way, you will know when you are not working. Accordingly, you can take out time for wedding planning separately.

Define The Start And End Of Your Work Day!

Even when you have a dedicated workspace, you must ensure that you are not rushing into wedding planning right after you get off work. Instead, you and your partner can either hang out in your living room and enjoy an evening drink. Similarly, before you begin your workday, you can start with some workout or meditation. Always remind yourself that you must have a good time while doing any of this. It should not feel like a burden at any point in time and it depends upon you and your partner.

How About Utilizing Your Commute Time?

Oh, wait! But you do not have to travel to work anymore since you are working from home. So, how about utilizing that time for wedding planning. I know we are all guilty of using this time for that extra time of sleep. But, remember that we need to be disciplined to plan anything. You can start building your list of vendors, event venues, guest lists, and so on in this specific commute time window.

Build A Stronger Bond While Dividing The Workload!

It is not a single person’s responsibility to plan the entire wedding. You should sit together with your partner and build a complete checklist of what needs to be done. After discussing each detail, you can assign tasks as per interest and preferences. Moreover, you can get more help from your friends and family members because of the work-from-home routines. Not only, this will divide the workload but also strengthen the bond with your partner, family, and friends.

Start Talking With The Vendors!

Having an honest conversation with your wedding vendors can help a lot. They can guide you in prioritizing the tasks and plan your wedding seamlessly. When exploring the vendors, you can take help from platforms like Genu Venue that list all service providers under different categories. You can schedule calls with them after work hours and explain the outline that you are following to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Define Deadlines!

When planning anything, defining a deadline improves your efficiency and productivity. That said, it will require a lot of commitment and dedication to meet the deadlines but that’s what we want, right! You can use Genu Venue’s checklist templates to stay on track. Contact us to learn more about wedding planning.

Relax Whenever Needed!

Like I said before, any of this should not feel like a burden to you. Unless you are enjoying this entire process, there is no use in doing it. It would rather make sense to postpone the wedding if all of this is overwhelming to you. Many couples go on trips to take a break from their wedding planning process. An even better idea is to hire an experienced wedding planner who can do it all for you while you sit back and relax with a smile on your face on your special day.


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