How to organize an amazing birthday party on a budget

21 02 2021

Planning a birthday party, whoever it is for, can be really stressful. Understandably, people want to make the special day of their child, spouse, or parent exciting. With this mindset, they spend too much on many things, which harms their finances.

Luckily, there are ways in which you can organize a birthday party without stretching from your pre-planned budget. Taking the help of a reliable event planner will reduce the expenses a lot if you prepare for a big party. Overall, the following steps would keep things budget-friendly, with or without professional help.

Organizing A Birthday Party Under Budget

Keep Things Simplistic

One of the first things you can do is plan a simple party instead of a grand one. Of course, a themed party is exciting and appealing to a lot of individuals. According to many professional event planners, this is one of the main areas where costs are the highest.

So, you should use the things you already own instead of buying different expensive items to set a theme. For example, when planning a princess party for your child, use the already-available toys to decorate. You can also purchase cheaper items from 'dollar stores' or from affordable vendors for the party.

Low-Cost Decorations

Another tactic for organizing a budget-friendly party is spending the money on affordable decorative items. In fact, you can either make DIY decorations with linens from good vendors or rent them from the event planners and event companies. This is more cost-effective than buying expensive items you cannot get rid of later. Also, add decorative items like balloons, confetti, and tassel garlands to your list. They look fun and are not too costly either.

Short-timed And Full Of Activity

When one organizes an hours-long party, most people start getting antsy over time. This is especially true for the children, and you would have to spend more on extra items to keep them interested. Instead, event planners suggest to time birthday parties to two hours, or close to it.

Additionally, add some exciting games and fun activities within that time frame. For example, organize a card game for the adults and a treasure hunt. This would help every guest spend the total party time invested on their activity, and you would save money.

Fewer Guests

The more people you invite, the more you would have to spend, like food, invites, venue, etc. Instead, keep things simple and organize a smaller intimate birthday party. The birthday boy or girl would enjoy their time with their closest people while you save money.


One of the best ways to create an affordable birthday party is to organize a potluck party. Here, you can suggest all of the guests bring one item of their own. This mostly applies to food and works best for both children's and adults' parties. As a result, you would not have to spend a lot on catering services. Also, in the case of an adult's birthday, a BYOB party works just as well.

Bake A Cake Yourself

Instead of buying a costly cake, you can prepare one at home if you have the correct items and machines. The ingredients do not cost much, and you can bake the cake as per your dietary requirements. Plus, preparing home-made food instead of relying on catering can reduce your overall expenses. Not to mention, this is healthier as well.

Organize At Home

You can organize the birthday party at your own home instead of booking a party venue. It would work well enough if you keep all the decorations, number of people, and theme simple.

Print Decorations

One of the best ways to create exciting decorations and invites is through free printables. You can print out adorable pictures of the birthday person or related to the theme. This would save a lot of the budget instead of buying posters and other decoration items.

Prepare Personalized Digital Invites

While you can create elegant glossy invites for the birthday party, they are not cost-effective. Instead, you should develop an attractive digital invite and directly send it via email or text to the guests.


Overall, there are many ways to organize a budget-friendly birthday party. If you are worried about vendors, you can use Genu Venue to quickly get in touch with affordable and reliable vendors. Start using the platform now and plan all your events effortlessly!


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