Tackling With Pre-wedding Blues And Anxiety

12 02 2021

Most people assume that weddings are all about fun and happy moments. What they don’t see is the underlying struggle and hard work of several people that goes into pulling off the perfect dream wedding of any couple. The pre-wedding phase can be overwhelming for numerous couples due to many reasons. While some take it easy, others get pre-wedding blues and anxiety during the most memorable days of their lives.

Oh My God! It’s Finally Happening!


When the real feeling kicks in and you finally realize that your life is not going to be the same, you start to panic while thinking about the future possibilities. Moreover, many couples have a lot of expectations from their wedding functions and ceremonies. Due to this reason, they end up getting more frustrated by the time their d-day arrives. a lot of

Understanding that this is a common problem, we thought to offer some help through this blog by explaining ways to cope with the pre-wedding jitters and anxiety.

What’s Actually Bothering You?

Take some time to understand what is really giving you the anxiety. Is it the wedding planning process? Is it your partner? Are you overthinking? Once you figure out the root cause of all your anxiety, it will be easier to get help to get over it.

Discuss With Your Loved Ones!

Your loved ones know you better than you. Yes, some of them really do. When you share your problem with your trusted ones, first you take the load off of you and then you get to know other person’s perspective. Plus, they might guide you from their real-life experiences. Sometimes such discussions can make all worries go away like they never existed. So, it is always a good idea to discuss your problems with the people you love and trust and who can guide you when things are not going as planned.

Self-Care Should Always Be Your Priority!

Self-care can help you get through stressful situations easily. Rather than investing all your time in wedding planning and preparations, take some time off to relax. You can go to a spa, meet your best buds, paint, listen to music, meditate, or anything that makes you feel good.

Do Not Aim For Perfection!

Bride and groom can get stressed out trying to look and behave perfectly in front of each others’ families. It can build unnecessary pressure and force the couple to overthink stuff like: Am I ready for the marriage? Will I be able to take responsibility? Will we be a good couple? So, you must not compromise the best of your days trying to achieve perfection. Remind yourself about enjoying each moment and everything will just fall in place.

Do You Have Your Safe Haven?

The majority of us have one safe or comfortable spot where we like to spend time when the anxiety kicks in. It can be your study, gym, nearby park, gaming room, or just your living room couch. Just like self-care, your safe haven is where you can distract yourself from the ongoing stressful things. It is your ME time where you choose to relax and feel good about yourself. Sometimes, all you need is a cup of hot chocolate and watch Netflix.

Ask For Medical Help If Needed!

If all other measures fail then you should not be ashamed or scared to seek the help of a medical professional. The sooner you talk about it, the sooner you can resolve it. But this should be your decision and not anybody else’s.

Being Judgemental Can Ruin Your & Your Partner’s Mental Peace!

You might observe that you and your partner are fighting more often. While there might not be any serious reasons, it can be your judgemental attitude. Since you get to spend lesser time with your partner during the pre-wedding phase, there are more chances of misunderstandings and miscommunications. Rather than dwelling on such fights have an open discussion with your partner and stop being judgemental in the most glorious days of your relationship.

Make Time For Your Partner!

When you do so, everything seems all right. Many couples forget that they are doing all of this to finally be able to start their lives together. Therefore, you should not make your partner feel unheard or lonely during this time. Go on dates where you talk about everything but wedding planning. It will strengthen your bond as well as refresh your minds.

Prioritize & Manage!

Better to be three hours too soon, than a minute too late. Manage your work as per the days left for the wedding. Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are caused when we don’t prioritize or plan things. Also, efficient management plays a crucial role in making your wedding function memorable and successful. For this specific section, you can hire wedding planners or event professionals who do it all for you!

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