Top 10 Event Planning Apps of 2021

15 03 2021

Planning an event has never been an easy task, especially for corporate or commercial events. Even planning a proper wedding or baby shower is proving to be equally difficult, if not more. Be it in arranging the décor items or deciding the dishes, every task needs to be done with proper care and attention so that nothing can go wrong on the day of the event. This is where event planning applications come in.

These software platforms are used to plan events, manage all the tasks like budgeting, arrangements, decoration plans, stock lists, floor plans, and others, and even manage and optimize the guest lists. Since the popularity of event planning and management software has increased a lot over the few years, we have decided to talk about the top ten such platforms, which will indeed help you arrange the best event.


Eventzilla is one of the best applications for event registration and planning, which will help you smooth ticket selling and manage large, public events easily. It can be integrated with social media platforms to increase sales and promote the events easily.


Splash is a highly customizable application where you will be able to automate the attendee list segmentation based on several attributes of interests, sell tickets based on registration techniques, and manage the overall event easily. With this particular software, you will be able to create both small and large events, thereby ensuring that you don’t miss a single project.


Bizzabo acts as a planner, manager, and analyzer, so most people are now using this platform for their events. Here, you will create an event registration landing page along with a website, add tasks to the dashboard for optimal management and even generate reports based on the analysis tool.


Socio is an event planning tool and an engagement platform that will ensure a high level of attendee engagement once the event starts. You can add several features like speakers, campaigns, and others to ensure that the guests stay thrilled throughout the event.


Boomset is known for its quick badge printing services and guest list management tools. Using this, you will maintain the list of attendees to a public event in the best possible manner, thanks to the in-built facial scanner and RFID sensor reader of the wristbands. The check-in feature of this software is quite fast, and hence, it will enable you to manage large crowds and elite parties where the attendee list exceeds thousands.


For an all-in-one application, nothing can be as good as the Whova. With several event planning and management tools, Whova will help you develop the best plan that will leave everyone astonished at first glance itself. Here, one will manage all three kinds of events- a virtual, hybrid, and in-person. Some of the main features are event registration, website creation, event campaigns, name badge generation, conference event app, and others.


Trello is more of a tracking and managing application rather than being a core planner applicant. Here, the visuals are much clear and easy-to-understand, so the amateurs can easily use this particular software. Apart from that, Trello will offer you a customizable dashboard where you will be able to view the current progress of all the defined tasks related to the event, starting from choosing a venue to designing the floor plan, managing the guest list, and others.


Slack is indeed amazing for establishing and maintaining the various communication channels between one or multiple parties at a time for event planning. Be it the sponsors or the third-party vendors, you will be able to easily communicate with them and keep a record of every transaction being done. Apart from this, Slack also comes with several tools which will help you in event planning in the best possible manner without any hurdle.


Thundertix has gained a lot of reputation in the industry, thanks to the set of wonderful features that one can hardly find anywhere. Starting from a database to personalized gift card templates, you will get several advantages that will ultimately help you plan the most eccentric event of the decade, irrespective of the theme and the budget. Perhaps this is why Thundertix has become so popular amongst normal users as well as event planners.


Attendify is one of the best event planning and management applications, thanks to the high level of customization. Several features like social media relationships, lead generation, filtration, and others can be customized as per the requirement. With this app, you will establish and maintain a cordial relationship between the sponsors, vendors, and other essential parties involved in the event.


With the help of a proper event planning application, you will be able to successfully arrange and manage every aspect of the upcoming events, be it someone’s wedding or a big gala event. All you need to do is choose the proper app so that you won’t have to confront any hurdle later on that might put the event's success at stake.


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