Top 7 Restaurants in Calgary For Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

02 03 2021

After getting engaged, the couple and their wedding planner have to organize a lot of activities and events before the nuptials. Rehearsal dinner is one of those events that customarily occur a day or two before the main event. Usually, couples in Canada spend around $29,450 on the wedding overall, and roughly $1,000-2,000 on the rehearsal dinner.

The host of the dinner party needs to plan the venue, number of guests, and duration months or weeks ahead of the event. Around 67% of weddings in Canada occur between the months of August and September. Booking the restaurant ahead of time would allow you as the host to send out the rehearsal dinner RSVP invites quickly and prepare the reservation for the specified date.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Calgary where you can organize your wedding rehearsal dinner!

Lake House

Couples who have a bigger wedding party can book a private dining room at this location. The restaurant overlooks Lake Bonavista and is located at 747 Lake Bonavista Dr. SE. The entire space is surrounded by large windows, and velvet curtains separate the dining room from the rest of the restaurant area. For couples interested in decent privacy, this assists with that.

Generally, the dining room at the Lake House seats 60 people, and the service is commendable. As for the food, the attendees can expect items like house-made charcuterie and different game meat-centric dishes with fresh local ingredients.

Starbelly Open Kitchen & Lounge

If you are hosting around 50-80 people for the rehearsal dinner, this establishment at 19489 Seton Crescent SE has a private dining area for wedding parties. The private dining room is kept separate from the main restaurant space using windows and curtains.

Attendees would receive different types of global-inspired cuisines, and watch the chefs prepare them at the open kitchen. Moreover, the staff use the freshest regional ingredients for the dishes and offer local beer and cocktails as well.

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant

Wedding parties, both intimate-type or average-sized, can book a private room at the Bow Valley Ranche. The ambiance at the restaurant is top-quality, and the service staff is very attentive to the customers. Moreover, customers that visit this restaurant on 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE rave about the delicious food as well. You can order their flavorful chocolate soufflé, scallops, or roasted beef tenderloin as a special menu for the wedding party.


The ONE18 EMPIRE is a classy Restaurant and Whiskey Bar in the Marriot Hotel at 820 Centre St S, Calgary. For a wedding rehearsal dinner, hosts can book the McTavish Room for around 20 people. In case you have more guests invited, booking the back area of the restaurant as a reservation, months in advance, is acceptable.

The staff serves different types of delectable dishes like bacon-wrapped dates to rib-eye steaks. For the adults interested in whiskey tasting, more than 200 varieties are available.


Hosts interested in the Italian cuisine for their wedding party would receive both good service and food at this top Canadian restaurant. For the rehearsal dinner, you can reserve the Wine Room ahead of time. This area seats 30 people in total, and the staff offers different Italian delicacies like Panna cotta and assorted pasta dishes. Also, the head chef can prepare a customized four-course meal for the guests, if required.

NOtaBLE - The Restaurant

Couples wishing to host a small-scale rehearsal dinner at an upscale restaurant can opt for NOtaBLE. This restaurant at 4611 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary serves different types of local cuisines to guests. Moreover, the chefs here serve vegetarian and vegan options; for health-conscious individuals, this place is a good choice.

OEB Breakfast

Couples can choose to host their rehearsal dinner during the morning hours of the wedding day if it suits their schedule better. For this type of rehearsal dinner, OEB Breakfast at 222 5 Avenue SW Suite is a good option. You would not get the benefit of a separate dining room for a bigger party; reserving the entire space ahead of time can work.

This restaurant is kid-friendly and provides different local and American-type food options to guests.


The aforementioned restaurants are well-reviewed and provide high-quality service to their guests. The chefs are well-trained and offer varieties in both food and beverage choices. Before planning the rehearsal dinner activities, it is important to book a reservation at any of these areas in advance.


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