How Should Event Vendors Practise Social Distancing

31 03 2021

In any event, what is the first thing that an attendee would notice?

For different people, the answers are different; some enjoy the decor, some the entertainment elements, while some go for the food. Regardless of what the customers prefer, for a successful event, a good understanding between the vendors and the client is necessary.

As a vendor, you have to satisfy the vision of your client for the event and provide good quality service and products. Not to mention, you would have to attend the venue on the main day to see to your tasks and ensure that everything is up to par.

However, how do you do that while maintaining social distancing at the same time?

Chances are, you would not have the easiest time with it, especially since most of the tasks would require on-site and on-demand attention.

Yet, no fear! There are some digital strategies you can adopt to follow safe distance protocols after getting in touch with clients through our platform.

Rules for the event planner

Let us start with the event planners. They have to plan the event from start to finish, from considering the venue to coordinating with the vendors. Surely, they handle a lot of tasks. Plus, planning big events is even more stressful; multiple people would congregate in one spot for a long time. That is essentially a huge red flag for social distancing plans; people are bound to get closer.

Yet, instead of canceling the booked event altogether, why not go technological instead?

The best way forward is to act as a consultant for the events. Thereafter, you can provide virtual help to the clients who want to organize an event and need serious professional guidance.

However, what about events that cannot occur through virtual platforms? In our opinion, outdoor locations would suit the best. Not only would they be more spread out, but also the attendees can enjoy the natural outdoor atmosphere and views.



Indeed, as a professional who is responsible for capturing the proceedings of the event, a videographer or photographer needs to stay in the event venue.

Here, for your six-foot-apart plan, you can integrate live-streaming services for special performances and speeches. Consequently, you can stay at a distance while recording the event.

Social media promotion

Instead of getting a venue for a brand promotion event, we propose live-streaming the marketing event on social media. Also, for graphic artists responsible for organizing event promotions and invites, creating online promotional videos and photos is a better alternative.

Indeed, you can organize live video advertisements with interesting graphics or live interviews with guest speakers. Most consumers at this time are available on social media apps almost constantly. Whether for promotion or the actual event, the customer reach potential is high here.

Music and entertainment

Speaking of events, what is one without some form of entertainment?

Music, for sure, is very important to increase viewer experience, and leave a lasting impression of the event.

As an entertainer and a DJ, we suggest that utilizing digital platforms would help you fulfill your social distancing goal. In simpler terms, form your own streaming account on platforms like YouTube. Entertainers can even organize a live streaming concert for the attendees. Thus, you do not have to visit a venue physically.

Also, we suggest sending the recorded music or audio file to the clients. This way, you can provide the entertainment that your client wants in the actual event, from the comfort of your private space.

Food vendors

Food is an integral part of most, if not all, events. For your safety, you can opt for the online delivery medium to supply the products that your client needs.

In this scenario, we think creating an online delivery app or partnering with one is a valuable plan. This way, you can quickly deliver the food to the venue without having to attend it yourself. Alternatively, you can make the delivery yourself but leave afterward.

However, what if the event is well-organized and includes fewer guests? Then, providing on-site service while social distancing is acceptable. However, send only a small team of staff to the venue, wearing masks, gloves, and following accurate safe distance protocol.

Through our platform, verify with your new client about the type of event and then plan your team accordingly.

What about decorative elements?

Decorators and flower stores can use online delivery platforms as well and follow the correct social distancing etiquette.


All in all, every event vendor should use these tips to stay six-feet-apart while providing their services. Now, what are you waiting for? Use our help to connect to event professionals, and get event offers as soon as possible!


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