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21 Spring Wedding Ideas

17 04 2021

By Kirti Khanna

Kirti Khanna is Toronto based event marketing strategist and writer who watches event trends across the globe closely. She loves to research and is passionate to share her thoughts with the world in innovative ways!

Without a doubt, spring weddings are a favorite choice for many couples looking to tie the knot. And why not? From soothing pastel colors to stunning floral decor, from comfortable weather to beautiful backgrounds, there is much to like about this theme.

So, are you looking to plan a spring wedding for your special day? Here are some ideas that you can opt for and wow all your guests. Not to mention, create a stunning 'Fairytale'-esque memory overall..!

Add Bouquets


Seasonal flowers like hyacinths, peonies, lavender, pale pink sweetheart roses, white roses, etc. There is much to choose from and include in decorative bouquets.

Floral-themed Invitation


Indeed, add a spring-related element to your invites, like an illustration of a flower or a motif.

Lily Of The Valley


While walking down the aisle or to the nuptial spot, hold the lily of the valley in your hands instead of a traditional bouquet.

Pastel Love


Indeed, pastel hues are stunning, especially for a springtime wedding. So, add a splash of that in everything, from the venue to the dresses. There are multiple colors in a pastel palette; therefore, you would not go out of options.

Floral Boutonnieres


Indeed, grooms and other groomsmen can wear a touch of floral as well, in the form of boutonnieres.

Raining Cherry Blossoms


In other words, keep a background of cherry blossoms whenever you click pictures. Or better yet, create the altar outside among cherry blossom trees all around.

Bright Invites


Choose bright-colored invites and gifts in fluorescent colors for a splash of color.

Pastel Dress


Similarly, while planning the bridesmaid dress, choose one style in pastel variations or all dresses in one pastel hue.

Flowy Gown


Go for a fairytale look for your wedding with a flowy soft gown idea.

Seed-y Decorations


Create or use DIY boards or decorations with seeds and saplings, and add messages as well.

Yellow Cakes


As the name suggests, instead of the typical cake styles, choose a yellow-colored cake for the main event.

Waterproof Options


Keep an area close by with umbrellas and rain cover boots; guests can use them or it can work as decor.

Peachy Perfect


Add cocktails and decors with peach-and-lemon flavors for an element of, well, freshness!

White And Lilac


Indeed, these two colors pair well for spring weddings. So, contrast them well in the bouquets, table settings, or dresses.

Queen Of Flowers


Here, creating and wearing a crown made of flowers that match your bouquet would increase the attractiveness quotient well.

Floral Archway


Another flower-based design you can opt for is an archway that is covered all over with seasonal flowers. For example, lilacs.

Flower Wall


Decorate one wall with flowers; this is a wonderful option for all of those social media-worthy snapshots.

Floral Aisle


Indeed, line the aisle with white flowers for a stunning look and a 'cottagecore' ambiance during the ceremony.

Fluff Balls


In simpler terms, include fluffy animals, like baby lambs. This is not a common idea but would certainly add adorable detail to your wedding.

Outdoor Wedding


Of course, with the amazing natural surroundings in full bloom, why not organize an outdoor wedding?



Instead of the traditional bridesmaid dresses, opt for floral-themed jumpsuits.


All in all, for a memorable spring wedding, choose one or more of these ideas. Certainly, these would enhance the style and ambiance of your wedding perfectly.


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